Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 2 Results

I decided to frequent my Regular Tim Horton's today and as I approached the place (pictured below) I had a very good feeling about todays roll up the rim! Forgetting that my odds of winning are 1 in 9 - I am determined to defy the odds! How you ask? I have no idea - please help! I went with a large and could hardly wait to drink it before I rolled up the rim!

Another disappointment, bringing my record to 0-2. I'm thinking about going with medium next!


buzz bishop said...

Did you know the cups are UN recyclable? Still?

quite disappointing.


dawger said...

@ buzz - I read your article. I'll post about it in the next day or so to bring more attention to it. Something sure seems backwards that in 2008 something that is used as much as those cups are not recyclable eh?

TKO from Ontario said...

How do you RRRRRoll Up Your Rim?

Take a look around next time to see how people roll up theirs. I suspect that 'Roll Up The Rim' is a dark plot by Dentist Association.

Bloody fools, free donut my butt.
How cheap are dental repairs?

dawger said...

Hey TKO - some people certainly do the job on their teeth.

I used to have a hard time rolling them up when I was a rookie. Then someone showed me how to just grab the cup, squeeze it together and it rolls up easily!